Thursday, July 21, 2016

I am obsessed with Jesse. Ever since he came in to work on Monday. Internally, I am a girl gone nuts. I have lost all sense of myself. 

On the outside, I might look kind of the same (I don't know). Well, I don't show the full extent of my obsession on the outside. I still go on with work, same as usual. I smile. I talk to people. Even on this blog, this week, I talk about things other than Jesse. 

But I know what's really going on inside. Inside, I am like...Jesse, notice me!!! Jesse, see how I have a life outside of you and can function just fine on my own??! See how I'm doing my own thing? See?????

I know he sees me...right through me. This isn't okay with him.

So he forces me to be better. 

And I respect him for that. 

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