Sunday, July 31, 2016


There are many reasons I go to church. One of them, is for community. 

I love community. I'm a big fan of it. 

I think our culture is kind of weird nowadays, because, depending on where people live and what circles they run in, community can either be a big, celebrated, important part of people's lives (like it should be), or totally not at all. It seems to be something that people understand very well, or don't understand at all. 

I'm generalizing. Of course, there are lots of people in between too. That's probably where I am. 

Community is not about having lots of friends, or even having a big group of friends. These things can overlap with community, but that's not what it is. 

Community is about feeling like we belong in a place where a lot of people, the same people, regularly congregate. 

I'm going to be honest. We're not going to be best friends with everyone in our community. Some people might be no more than acquaintances, no matter how hard we try, and that's fine. 

Community is so important because we weren't meant to just have friends, in life. We're meant to live with other people too, to be in a society. To interact with a regular set of people socially, even if we're not all best friends. 

It's hard being in community because we have to expose ourselves to SO many people, all at the same time. We have A LOT to expose; we are all still individuals too. (I think this is what separates a community from a cult. In a cult, you lose your individuality). 

When we do this, good things happen. We are really living, among people. Not just working alongside people. Not just partying with people. Not just physically inhabiting the same space as people. But living among people, in spirit, in heart. And, that's a home of some sort. 

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