Monday, June 20, 2016

One thing I like doing at my job is that I get to update the company's snacks and supplies in the kitchen. My boss isn't frugal about this. When she used to do this shopping for the office, in addition to getting snack staples such as chips, crackers, drinks, candy, coffee, etc., she has bought ice cream, fruit, yogurt, milk, bread, cute asian snacks, etc. 

That set the tone for what I can buy now. Basically, I can buy whatever I want, as long as it's somewhat reasonable. My boss hands me a Costco cash card. Then I go to Costco whenever supplies are running low and pick out snacks for the office.

I don't go too crazy and buy really expensive or different stuff, but it's fun :). I'm getting paid to hang out at Costco and spend the company's money on fun stuff :). And people like me afterwards. They thank me for buying snacks and/or are really nice to me, because they want me to get certain stuff for them.

Another thing I like about my job is that I take care of the plants in the lobby. There are a lot of them. My boss likes plants. Let's see. There are twelve of them right now. They're like my friends and they emit good oxygen into the air, right? This is a hobby for some people, and it's my job.

Finally, another thing I like about my job is that there are some genuinely good people here. I've complained about my coworkers in the past, and those people are still here. But there are people with good character too. People who never hesitate to help me out with something. People who brighten up the day by going out of their way to make genuinely friendly and appropriate small talk. 

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