Thursday, June 30, 2016

I've lived in the bay area my whole life (except for a couple years in LA for grad school. By the way, LA is very different from the bay area). 

Things I like about living in the bay area:
  • The sophistication here. I don't say that to be snobby. Sophistication, when done right, is classy and inspiring. People are always challenging themselves to be better and help/elevate society. We're sophisticated intellectually and in cultural tastes.
  • The superior dining and other cultural attractions. We have so many cuisines available, with excellent food. We have some of the best entertainment options available. 
  • The landscape...we're near the beaches and the mountains. We can tan and ski/snowboard, all in the same day, hypothetically. Also, the nature and scenery around here is just beautiful.
  • The weather. It's always mild and pleasant. Almost always sunny. It makes you feel good and it's easy. 
  • People here are down-to-earth and open-minded. We're not really into brand-name things. There's a lot of wealth, but actually not a lot of showing-off, relatively speaking. That attitude isn't really prevalent here. I think it's partly because a lot of wealthy people here are self-made, through honest hard work and skill. People here are pretty liberal and open-minded. I think it's partly because there's racial diversity here and intellectually, we understand the concept of seeing different perspectives. 
  • The energy here. New, significant inventions are always coming up right around the corner. There's exciting things happening, and quickly, all the time. You really feel like you're in the middle of something important, living in a place that is making history every day, so to speak.  

Things I don't like about living in the bay area:
  • How expensive it is to live here. Everyone (well, in terms of the people I meet) feels the pressure, even the people who work at top companies with high-paying jobs. When people talk about housing and the cost of living, they don't just talk about it negatively, but you can see the fear in their faces. They're not absolutely certain or don't know how they can keep affording this in the future. There's an undercurrent of fear that is only growing.
  • The weather. We don't get seasons. Sniff. I think seasons bring depth and character to a place.
  • People don't really know how to enjoy the moment and relish in the simple things in life. They don't know that there's value in that. There are too many flashy things grabbing our instant attention; sometimes I feel like we're kids with mild attention disorder. Look at all the technology we have here - it's easy to get lost in all that and forget that technology is simply a tool, but not the basis, for enjoying life.
  • I think we have a tendency to intellectualize things and be too rational, at the expense of our humanity. This is great for developing or improving things, but bad for human connection and warmth. Sometimes, I feel like people talk to each other like robots (I'm exaggerating, but I'm trying to my point across). Relating to others isn't about purely an exchange of the minds.
  • We're judgmental about achievement and success. This is something we judge others by. Ourselves by. AND we don't see anything wrong with this mindset (because achievement contributes to society and a better quality of life...right?). But there is something wrong with it.

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