Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I've been in a clothing rut. I haven't felt the desire to dress up and look nice. I go for functional, passable, somewhat pretty...but I know that I could be dressing a lot nicer, having much more fun with it, and actually using my clothes as a way to feel good about myself. But I'm not. I've been this way for more than a year.

I can't remember the last time I bought anything, and if I did, it was probably in a random, unusual moment of excitement. Actually, now I remember. They weren't exciting pieces, they were boring wardrobe basic and staples.

Anyway, my wardrobe basically hasn't been updated in years. This makes me sad, because it's different from how I used to be. I used to be excited about what I wore. I felt like my clothes showcased my personality and made me feel better about myself, more alive. For the last one plus years, I've been trying to figure out why that desire has left me and been trying to get it back, waiting for it to come back. 

It's not that I feel ugly or bad about my body. I feel the same about it as I did before. My body hasn't changed. It's not that I dislike any of the clothes out there in stores or really dislike the current trends. It's not that I'm trying to save money. It's not that I'm too busy or stressed to care about clothes. 

I think it's because my style has changed, and I haven't wanted to admit it. I used to like feminine things (dresses and skirts), and in a girly, youthful, innocent style. I wore a lot of florals, pastels (especially light pink), soft fabrics, and showed some skin but not excessively.

Now, I think my style is feminine (still dresses and skirts) and mostly the same, just a little more grown-up. The main difference is that I would prefer to show even less skin than before. Skirts that go just above the knee or slightly past it (I like the midi-skirt look). Unfortunately, I have short legs so that midi-length doesn't look good on me, so I'll have to settle for skirts that go just above my knees. Skirt tops and dresses that don't show off my bare shoulders or dip down low in the front. Also, still basically the same color tones as before, but with slightly more elegant, sophisticated colors thrown in (black, navy blue, cream). 

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