Monday, June 20, 2016

I am the very opposite of a spontaneous person. I don't know how I got to be this way - it's not good. While it's good to have some order and foundation in our lives, it's also good to let loose and have fun! And the more spontaneous we are, the more fun we have. It's just a law of...I don't know, life.

And, we can be a super orderly AND a super spontaneous person. They're not mutually exclusive. This never occurred to me. It's a newsflash for me. I suspect I'm a bit late to this news and many people know this truth.

I actually think I have it in me to be spontaneous; I'm just not used to exercising this in my daily, regular life. But ultimately, there is a part of me that is already pretty good at letting go.

Anyway, I'll start out small, but to me, it's a pretty big deal. The spontaneous thing I feel like doing currently is going to a ballet class after work, something I didn't even think about doing until this mid-morning at work. I'll have to leave work a little bit earlier, take an extra trip home to get my clothes, and maybe have to rearrange my dinner time. Okay, this adds more variables to my day, but it's part of the fun! I'm learning how to be fun.

I recruited my sister too, who IS a spontaneous person. She's never even taken a ballet class before, as an adult. She's going to buy ballet shoes this afternoon (she's not working today). She said okay almost right away. Whether she actually ends up going or not, I should learn some things from her. I feel like an alien.

If I can incorporate being spontaneous into my regular life...I don't know what will happen exactly, but it'll be really, really good!

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