Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I always complain to myself about how we don't have seasons here in Silicon Valley. Seasons just make me feel sentimental and feel like they should be a way of life, right? But one season that we do get, is summer.


It's bright. Everything is chirpy, happy, and relaxed.

Time to wear light skirts and dresses. Flowy things. I like looking good.

The fruit in the summer! Berries, lots of berries! Stone fruit. My favorite. Cherries and peaches and plums and pluots and everything else. The fruit is fragrant, juicy, cool and refreshing.

Lots of daylight. It's light when I get up. It's light when I drive home from work. It's light until almost right before I go to sleep. I can be OUTSIDE!

Everyone else is outside too! At the beach, at bbqs, dining al fresco, at picnics, lounging by the pool, lounging on chairs, on vacations. It's nice sharing and feeling the excitement.

It's the easiest time of the year. Enjoy it! 

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