Wednesday, June 15, 2016


  • that I live in northern California where we have perfect weather. Even though I complain about the weather here sometimes, not having interesting seasons (and winter is my favorite season, not having winters here)...I still do enjoy our weather here regardless. Every day is a perfect day.
  • that I'm on relatively good terms with all my immediate family members. My mom, dad, and sister.
  • that I get to be creative whenever I want. I can dance, cook/bake, write, and now, I want to start framing my pictures. 

Lately, there have been sad things in the news. When does it ever feel like there isn't, though? The mass shooting in Orlando, the Stanford rape case...sad news doesn't end. It makes us lose faith. It makes me lose faith. But then, all I have to do is concentrate on the good people in this world, and there are good people in this world, to know that everything is okay. 

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