Thursday, May 5, 2016

There is someone that I love. Even though we’re not together, I love him. I wrote this because of him. Though I think it can be applied to anyone that we love.


When it gets cold and dark at night, I am there. To keep you warm.

When you cry, I do not judge you for it. I do not reject you for it.

When you laugh, I am happy for you.

When I am wrong, I admit it.

At random moments, I think of you and send general good thoughts your way.

When I see you, I always see the best in you.

When you hurt me, really, really hurt me, I cry, but do not hurt you back.

When you make a mistake, I do not think less of you.

When you are successful, I am not surprised. I already knew you would be.

And I love telling you, I love you.

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