Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The day's not really over yet, but in terms of the work day, it's almost over. 

Today I felt really...stretched. I tried working through so many of my personal demons, internally.

Demons that I've been writing about in here. Trying to let my feelings out, especially when it comes to people. Even when it comes to this blog. Trying to get my insecurity under control. Trying not to be too rigid about how things should go, having opinions/thoughts but also being able to go with the flow and be open. Trying to focus on the good things that have happened in my relationship with Jesse, instead of all the bad things. I realized that I have a tendency to overly focus on negative things in general, so that's just another thing I have to work on. I also realized that I just tend to focus on the bad things A LOT when it comes to men, because, well, I'm just like that. I have a princess mentality sometimes.

I'm not trying to put myself through boot camp here and be the perfect person or anything. But I just have a lot of issues to work on. What can I say.

I hope it gets better for me soon. 

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