Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Okay, this is new for me, but I'd like to be more open about sex. This isn't something I discussed with people, at all, ever, growing up. Today, some people I encounter talk about it openly, some not at all, and some, somewhere in between. But for me, I'd like to change the way I operate and start talking about it more. Why not?

I'll just start off by saying that I can't wait to have sex when I get married. I don't believe in sex until after marriage, but that doesn't mean I haven't made mistakes. Anyway, I just really want to have sex, but that has to wait for now, unfortunately.

And when I have sex, I definitely want it to be kinky, some of the time. I don't think I'd be boring when it comes to sex. I'd be okay with a lot of stuff, as long as it isn't criminal-like behavior.

Which is a natural segway into my next topic, masturbating. Do I think masturbating is wrong? Yes and no. There's no short answer to this question. Does that mean we shouldn't do it? No. I think we should.

But I don't think we should masturbate without all our emotions, just like we shouldn't have sex without emotions (pleasant and unpleasant ones). Love and sex and everything, it's all tied together. When we take love totally out of the picture, that's when things get messed up. Plus, when we include all our emotions in sex and masturbating, that's when it really gets exciting. 

I don't speak for guys. It's pretty common knowledge that guys are different from girls because they can naturally separate out love from sex. But guys can still have sex and love together too, and when they do, I assume that it's more pleasurable for them as well. 

So, I do masturbate, but for me, it has to be an emotional as well as a physical experience. Both, in equal quantities. I'm still trying to get myself to feel okay about what I do and to bring my emotions into it. 

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