Thursday, May 26, 2016

I went with my family to Puerto Vallarta for Christmas last year. Even though I was going through something extremely difficult during that time and that issue was running throughout my mind the whole trip, this was probably the first vacation in my life that I actually enjoyed.

This was because this was the first vacation in my life where I just let go.

I didn't overly concern myself with everything going the way it needed to. I didn't know how minor things were going to go at the airport exactly, and that was okay with me. We had some activities planned in advance, but a lot of the trip was unplanned, and to be figured out later at an uncertain time, sometime while we were in Mexico. I was okay with that. 

I knew that not knowing everything in advance, things weren't going to go perfectly. Things weren't going to run as smoothly as they could. We would probably miss a few good opportunities for things here and there, not having planned and/or booked everything in advance. 

And these things did happen. But I realized that we could still have a good time, despite them. So I let go, and I enjoyed the vacation.

As a result, I was really able to enjoy all the relaxing things around me, in a way that I had never been able to before on vacation.

I enjoyed the view of the ocean from our hotel lobby. I enjoyed the clean and nice decorations in our hotel lobby. I enjoyed the nice amenities in our hotel room, including the ocean view. I enjoyed seeing the more rural sites in the mountains; everything was new and fresh to my eyes. I enjoyed walking along the Malecon, and seeing people so relaxed and having fun. 

All of it made me feel like it truly didn't matter what happened in the next moment, because at that very moment, I was having such a splendid time in life. 

I wasn't just letting go of mishaps happening during this trip, but in life generally, too. 

So, in many ways, it was everything that a vacation should be.

Back in normal, daily life, I don't have these exact feelings anymore. My surroundings aren't as nice. People aren't catering to me; I'm the one catering to people and it can be stressful. I don't enjoy such new, interesting sights and experiences.

Which is too bad, but it's not the end of the world either.

And I look forward to future vacations. 

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