Thursday, May 19, 2016

I plan on going to the young adult fellowship at church tonight. This isn't a church I go to on Sundays, though I used to, years ago. I used to go to this young adult fellowship on Thursday nights too back then, and I went almost every week, for a few years. I enjoyed it, but then I stopped going when life took me in a different direction.

I'm not sure why I go. Well, I've only been once this year, but it felt like I was still part of the group, somewhat, even though it's been years for me.

I guess the main reason I go is to belong to a community or group of people, to be part of it. I enjoy it. I have to put myself out there. To give, not take. Just like I do in this blog. That's the only way we truly feel integrated. 

It doesn't mean we spill all our guts to people without abandon, beyond what they can comprehend, handle, or have energy for. 

We have to first be truthful with ourselves with who we are, and from there we can spread our truth to other people in the appropriate doses.

I'm not an expert, but I think this is one of the secrets to good relationships. 

With that said, I do put a lot of myself out there, as you can tell from my blog, more than the typical person does. Even more than the typical, pretty open person does. I mean, I wrote a memoir that was intensely personal.

We just have to find the level that feel right for us. Just like we all have different levels of kindness in our hearts for people or different levels of a good work ethic, we all have different levels of how transparent we like to be. Being transparent is good, but it's not the only way to be good.  

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