Monday, May 16, 2016

I have a lot of free time. 

I used to be ashamed of having a lot of free time. To me, that just meant that someone was a loser. That person clearly didn't have much going on in his or her life.

Obviously, there was something wrong with my attitude. It's not good to be a bum, but the amount of free time that we have, does not correlate with being a bum.

Aside from extreme circumstances, I think it's important and praiseworthy to carve out free time for ourselves. And I don't just mean carving out some, or a little, free time, for ourselves. I mean, a lot. The more, the better. I'm of the mindset that if there are too many important things to be tackled at the expense of our free time, then cut some of our tasks out. We'll still find a way to live without having done those extra tasks.

If we believe that we're important, then we'll believe that we deserve free time too. We deserve our own time, as much as anyone else or anything else does.

Living in Silicon Valley, I often feel really alone in my mindset above, though I sincerely believe it's a good mindset. I feel like most people here, or many of the people I know anyway, have the attitude towards free time that I used to have. I feel alone in my mindset now, and I feel like people look down on me. 

Anyway, the way that I most often spend my free time is, I literally don't do anything. I like to just sit somewhere comfortable, and enjoy my surroundings. I enjoy the fresh air around me. I enjoy the blue sky and the nice weather. I enjoy watching the interesting or happy, laughing people around me. 

Or, if those things aren't in my surroundings...then...I just sit and enjoy...whatever it is, there is to be enjoyed in my environment. That I get to sit or be comfortable, at all. There's always that.

There are other things I do with my free time, of course, other enjoyable things, but I really enjoy spending my free time this way. It's not doing. It's just feeling. And it feels good.  

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