Saturday, May 21, 2016

I don't anticipate doing much this weekend. As I'm writing this my Friday night is already half over, so I'll just write about Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday morning, I'm going to sleep in. I like to do this until about noon. It's a lot of time in bed. I don't go to sleep particularly late the night before, around midnight usually. The reason I spend so much time in bed is because I am exhausted from processing everything I do during the week at work, mostly relating to my personal issues. It takes a physical toll on me. I need to recuperate physically by sleeping a lot. I also just spend this time in bed processing more things that I can't at work, a lot of it is sexual. I like to spend both weekend mornings like this. But sometimes, if I'm feeling less drained and/or for the sake of an activity, I'll get up earlier on a weekend morning.

This Saturday is one of those days. I'm going to get up slightly earlier than this time to go to a beg/int jazz class at a dance studio I sometimes go to. I've never been to this particular jazz class, and I'm cautiously excited about it. I hope it's what I think it could be, because I have a feeling I could really enjoy jazz, but I have yet to experience that fully in a class yet. We'll see!

After that, I don't have any more plans for my weekend. Which is the way I like it.

I'll eat a leisurely lunch. I might go out to eat dinner with my family at a local restaurant. Either way, I'll enjoy a low-key dinner.

With the rest of my time, I'll lounge around the house and enjoy the moment, literally doing nothing, but which is so enjoyable. I'll probably spend some more time processing some things as they come up. I'll take a one hour walk around my house for exercise. I'll spend some time doing little errands or chores, but not a lot of time - I don't have that many to do.

And that's basically it!

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